Custom Fabrication

Through innovation and collaboration, Delta Marine has created one-of-a-kind modifications.

Thru-Hulls and Transducers

Proper installation of thru-hulls and transducers will preserve the structural integrity of your vessel. Delta Marine strongly recommends that any alterations made to the hull below the waterline be done by a professional.  Not only do you risk leaks and taking on water, but if not properly sealed, water could seep in between the layers of your fiberglass.

Bow and Stern Thrusters

When docking in close quarters or rough seas, thrusters can give you peace of mind.

Bulbous Bows

The basic purpose of the bow bulb is to reduce hydrodynamic drag and allow your vessel to move more easily through the water. This is achieved by designing the bulb to create an additional wave that will partially cancel out the influence of the bow wave created by the hull. This popular addition can reduce fuel consumption and pitch in rougher seas.

Gelcoat Repairs

From scratches, small chips, shatter cracks or holes, our fiberglass technicians can have your yacht colour matched and restored to its original finish.

Grounding, Collisions and Impacts

Rough seas or dead heads, no matter what the cause, immediate action is key. The sooner your vessel is out of the water, the better to protect it from further damage caused by leaks and fractures. Our expert technicians at Delta Marine are here to help with quality collision repair.

Rot Removal & Relamination

Don’t allow moisture to spread through your vessel. Spongy decks and shatter cracks are clear signs that your vessel has begun to rot from the inside.

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